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Call for tender - South Kosovo Agriculture Economic Development (SKAED)

Call for tender - South Kosovo Agriculture Economic Development (SKAED)

NGO IPSIA & Municipality of Mamusha  &  NGO Anadrini is inviting Your Company for OPEN TENDER for Pepper, tomatoes and cucumber processing line machineries

1. Scope of the Contract

NGO “IPSIA” in partnership with Municipality of Mamusha and NGO “Anadrini” are responsible for the implementation of SKAED (South Kosovo Agriculture Economic Development) project. The project is financed and managed from The European Union, represented by the European Union Office in Kosovo.  The intention of Implementation body is to conclude contracts for the supply of:

  • Processing line machineries for pepper;
  • Processing line machineries for tomatoes and cucumber;
  • Deep freezing system (-40o C) and upgrade of existing freezing facilities.

The Companies interested in one or all the required lines, must provide quotations for machineries with appropriate technology. Moreover, the interested Companies should provide the necessary initial training and demonstrate the operation of the machine after its installation, the manual and the guaranty/warranty. The interested Companies must guarantee technical assistance.

IPSIA, ANADRINI and Municipality of MAMUSHA will apply the principles of equal and non-discriminatory treatment and they will choose the criteria of the lowest price of the same quality level, in accordance with the principles of transparency and fair competition.


2. Minimum machineries characteristics

Processing Line for pepper:

  • Basic equipment: machine for cutting pepper in stripes and cubes, pepper dissecting (pellet) machine, machine for pepper roasting, roasted pepper peeling machine, machine set for pepper processing-buckets elevator, vegetable cooler, packaging machine (cardboard boxes);
  • Capacity: 1500 - 3500kg per hour.

Processing line for tomatoes and cucumber:

  • Basic equipment: washing machine for vegetables, classification device, working tables (pieces), peeling machine, steam boiler, solution tank, pasteurizer, packaging machine, labeling machine, plastic modular belt conveyor and backlit conveyor belt;
  • Capacity: 1000 - 1500 kg per hour;
  • Material: all machines should be from Stainless steel material.

Deep freezing system  (-40° C) and Upgrade of the existing freezing facilities- Xërxe/Zrze;

Electric forklift (1 piece) and Manual forklifts (4 pieces).


3.Tender Documents

The interested companies have to submit the following documents:

Economic and financial capacity

he interested companies have to submit the following documents:

Economic and financial capacity

  1. Documents showing the company’s financial capability;
  2. Certificates issued by authorized bodies or a solemn declaration attesting that taxes, duties and social security contributions for the company have been paid;
  3. Copy of the insurance certificate covering the risks of its activities 10% of the total offer – Bank or Insurance Company

Technical and administrative capacity

  1. Company’s references: name, legal status, address, e-mail address, telephone and fax numbers and name and function of the person authorized to represent the company;
  2. Certificate of the trade register of the Country of origin;
  3. Certificate of the activity of the company- Import /export of machineries;
  4. References from current or past services delivered;
  5. Copy of the certificate of the origin (Machines should be EU origin or IPA Origin);
  6. One original and two copies of the offer should be included.

Financial offer

The offer must include a detailed list of all the relevant costs (in EUR) including transport, insurance, installation and assistance. The offer should be signed by the company’s legal representative together with the company’s stamp.

The offer shall contain the certificate of origin of the supplies, made out by the competent authorities of the country of origin of the supplies. The offer should indicate clearly the price and VAT separately.


4.Time Schedule and Procedure

The tender documents must be drafted according to the best international practices.

The deadline for the admission of the tenders (required documents) is 17th of  June.  2015, at 12.00h local time.

The opening and checking of the envelopes with documents from a commission will be one hour after the tender is closed, at 13.00h local time.

The procedures of selection and the following contract will be signed before the 30th  of June 2015.

The purchase of machineries will be executed and the machineries will have to be supplied within two months from signing the contracts, latest 15th of September 2015.

The  companies  interested  in  this  call  for  tender  will  have  to  submit  all  the  required documents before the official deadline to the following address:

SKAED (South Kosovo Agriculture Economic Development)

For the Attention of the Management of the Project Office “IPSIA“

str. Kolonel Ahmet Krasniqi, no 3

20000 Prizren


The documents must be placed inside a sealed envelope, containing another two sealed envelopes, one with the technical documents and the other must contain the financial offer.  The envelope should be marked as follows:

"Call for Tender for Processing Line for Pepper and/or Processing line for Tomatoes & Cucumber – SKAED (South Kosovo Agriculture Economic Development"

The inner envelopes (technical and financial) have to contain all the necessary information and documents enabling the Delegation to analyze the applications.

Please note that the offers have to be presented in English language, otherwise, they will not be considered.

The successful tenderer will also have to submit the completed forms confirming his legal entity and his bank account in order for the Project Management to make payments to him.

For more detailed information you can address it to: IPSIA office, Str. Kolonel Ahmet Krasniqi, 3, 2000 Prizren, Kosovo, or by e-mail address: Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.